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PowaTag - Buy-Anywhere

One to keep an eye on if they can get critical mass with customers and retailers. It combines QR, Barcode, audio services like Shazam-TV, and product recognition technologies into 1 platform and application, so shoppers don’t have to jump around to different apps.

Also, kinda related. I used Flypay last week in Wahacca and it was awesome.

PeekInToo - iPhone App

Bit like Rando but with live video, PeekInToo is a global social network that lets users be nosy for a short amount of time. Using a map to navigate, users select a location nearby — or on the other side of the world, if they wish — and pick another user who is accepting requests. The recipient receives a notification that someone wants to ‘Peek’ and they can accept or decline, before holding up their camera to let the other user see what they’re seeing in real time.

Wibbitz - Video-News

This app works like Qwiki when it first came out. It’s actually a pretty relaxing way to digest the news by having it read to you in a dynamically-generated photo/video/infographic mash-up.

In terms of the visuals it scrapes content relating to words in the article (from stock images to maps, dates, times and quotes), and for the majority of the time, it doesn’t do a bad job at all!

Huggies - Tweet Pee

Nice rip off of the arduino plant water hacks from a couple years back. This device attaches to the nappy and detects humidity changes. Once it notices the baby’s started flooding, it tweets the parents to let them know a change is in order. A handy iPhone app tallys the tweets and uses this to keep track of nappy stock. It alerts you when you’re getting low so you’re never caught short. Nice touch.